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The map of Central Park specifically for you runners...

Runner's map of Central ParkThe Runner's Map of Central Park is where all my maps began. I originally created the map for the New York Road Runners Club in the early 90s. I worked on a second version several years later but the NYRRC never went through to production. At the request of a runner that had used the earlier map I created this version.

There are 7 labeled sections, 5 that make up the main loop around the park and 2 sections that go across the park. Each section is color coded and a callout gives the distance of that section in miles, yards and kilometers.

There are two paths around the reservoir. The upper track that rings the edge of the reservoir and the lower track that follows the bridle path around the reservoir. The distances are given in miles and in kilometers. The upper track also has markers for each quarter mile and half kilometer.

The distances are also given in miles and kilometers for the oval around the Great Lawn with markers in yards around the perimeter.

Other information on the map includes the location of drinking fountains, restrooms, public telephones, nearby subways and nearby hotels.





Runner's map chartsTo the right is the back side of the map showing serveral informative charts.

At the top are measured courses using the color-coded sections. For 1 through 6 miles, a half-marathon, and 5, 10, 15 and 25km runs it lists what sections of the park roads to run.

Below that are pace charts, one in miles and one in kilometers. Timing yourself as you run different distances you can then determine your average speed for that distance.

The bottom panel is an elevation chart of the main loop around the park in a counter clockwise direction. It shows the elevation at the different mile and kilometer markers on that loop. It gives you an idea of the grade to expect, whether you'll be running uphill, downhill or mostly level.


The Runner's Map of Central Park is available in your choice of two sizes!

Two versions of the runner's mapThey both have exactly the same information, but one is larger than the other. The smaller map is 3.5" x 5.5" folded. This one is in limited supply and once they are sold out there will be no more.

The larger map is 4" x 7" folded and is printed on a heavier, sturdier paper.